Start Your Power BI Consulting Process

Meghan Lodwick - 26/07/2019

Yes or No – do you have too many spreadsheets floating around your business? If yes, then it’s time to consider data visualisation and step one in the Power BI consulting process, is a simple question like the one above. 

Firstly, you don’t actually need a consultant to tell you whether you’re getting enough out of all the data collected across the business. Chances are, if you’re still beholden to legacy tools like excel, you’re missing out. 

What a consultant will tell you is, organisations from every industry that embrace data-driven decision making, see upwards of 30% improvements in take home earnings and, you could be a hero.

Let’s get started. The following is a list of questions that can be a good starting point to start off your Power Bi project:

1.    What KPIs and metrics are needed by your business to measure success?
2.    What are the trends you want to see?
3.    What are the critical business questions you need to have answered to run your business?
4.    What are the top questions you think any manager or executive will ask you or has been asking you?
5.    What business questions are you unable to answer right now with existing tools? 
6.    What different business “dots” do you wish to connect?
7.    How do the recipients of these reports access and use the information?
8.    What other business areas overlap with yours?   

That’s it – eight questions that will help you move towards turning raw data into decisions that can lead the way for your business to perform more efficiently and competitively

And one more – how many gaps did you uncover? If there’s enough to make an impact, it’s time for step two. 

This is where you bring in the experts and consultants, so your data can fill those gaps and move forward to create a custom visual dashboard, shedding light on them.

When those antiquated reports get visualised, you empower the whole business to make informed decisions quickly by connecting, modelling and then exploring your data with visual reports that you can collaborate, publish, and share. You enable the business to grow.

The good news is, all your existing data isn’t wasted as Power BI integrates with other tools, including excel, so you can get up to speed quickly and work seamlessly with your existing solutions.

If you’d like to be the hero and are ready to upgrade from spreadsheets, get in touch today.

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