Business Intelligence
& Data Visualisation

At Kiandra, we understand a data-driven organisation puts data and analytics front and centre to differentiate itself in the market. Our range of specialist Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation solutions will provide you with better visibility and interactivity across business metrics, and bring data to life to enable evidence-driven business improvement.

Our Approach

We take a collaborative approach to help you uncover your current roadblocks and key business issues. We then use these insights to design and develop a custom Business Intelligence solution or leverage Microsoft Power BI to help you become a data-driven organisation and forge your competitive advantage.

Why do you need business intelligence?

Confusing data: Do you understand what your organisation’s data is telling you?

Messy reporting: Do you have too many spreadsheets floating around your business?

Benchmarking: Can you accurately compare performance against industry standards?

Customer behaviour: Do you understand your customer’s buying journey?

Sales and marketing: Are you struggling to meet sales and marketing goals?

What we deliver

Power BI solutions
Power BI training & support
Power BI integration into Microsoft Teams
Custom-built data analytics platforms
Help with interpreting data & report writing

Data Visualisation in Action

Remasys were faced with a modern day dilemma – using a sophisticated back-end system with a less than optimal user experience. With customers growing impatient, Remasys turned to us for help. We were able to perform a full facelift, delivering a new customer web-based experience, leaving the existing back-end system untouched.

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Data-driven organisations perform better.

World-leading organisations use big data and analytics to drive business decisions. This data-driven approach has leaped over business acumen to the top of the corporate agenda, improving business, with evidence-based strategy. Organisations from every industry that embrace data-driven decision making, see upwards of 30% improvements in take home earnings.

Read our blog post to learn more about data-driven decision making.


Why Kiandra?

Kiandra has over 23 years of experience in delivering custom-built software, including a variety of Business Intelligence and Data Visualisation solutions for some of Australia’s leading organisations. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and certified Power BI specialist, Kiandra can enable your organisation to make better data-driven decisions.

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