Project Recovery

We understand that sometimes, things just don’t go to plan. Luckily, we’re here to help. Our team provides a range of critical project recovery services to help rescue unsuccessful or failing software development projects.

We specialise
in rescuing

Core Business Apps



Business Process Workflow Automation

Data Visualisation Solutions

Resource Management Solutions

Signs your project
is failing

Communication issues
It's full of bugs
It's running behind schedule
Not fit for purpose
Unexpected costs
Conversations between you and the developer seem to get lost in translation.
It's a glitchy mess full of mounting unresolved issues.
Constant changes and failure to meet deadlines are causing the project to drag on.
The software ultimately just doesn't do what it's meant to!
What was meant to be fixed price is now becoming an expensive mess of additional costs.

Getting things back on track

We work closely with the client to understand the purpose of the project and the overall requirements, trying to reduce the scope as much as possible to determine the minimum viable product. We then review the software’s architecture and features and decide what can be reused, what needs to go and what needs to be built.
Using our team of expert software developers and quality assurance testers, we begin to rework the software. We do this making sure to keep communication with the client open and regular — always showcasing our progress as we move along.
When the client is satisfied that the software now meets their needs, we go live! And, as added peace of mind, we back our build with a 12-month warranty which includes access to our Support Services team.

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