Kiandra’s New Head of Software Development

Meghan Lodwick - 20/07/2018
Kiandra IT are excited to announce the appointment of Cassie Wallace as its new Head of Software Development.

Cassie, who joined Kiandra two years ago, brings close to 20 years of leadership, as well as plenty of hands-on software delivery and project governance to the role.
Co-Founder, Martin Cooperwaite, says Cassie will play a key role in driving Kiandra’s core business arm forward, following a recent expansion of its products and services to incorporate the new wave of low-code enterprise development.
“Kiandra continuously adopts leading technologies as a commitment to stay relevant for clients – in the past year, we’ve really ramped this up. Cassie has been core to the execution of our strategy to refine our enterprise software development offering, and in particular, our OutSystems practice.”

Cassie joined Kiandra in 2016 as an Iteration Manager, and held successive roles as Pre-Sales Manager and Software Delivery Manager prior to this appointment.
“Cassie’s achieved some amazing things and I respect her immensely. She was the clear, obvious choice to take on the Head of Software role” says Martin.
Before joining Kiandra, Cassie worked in the travel industry for 16 years. Her career has included stints as a Tour Leader, Operations Managers, Product Manager and eventually the General Manager of Product for the world’s largest adventure travel company, The Intrepid Group.
Cassie’s passion for the IT industry was ignited when she became the Product Manager for a multi-million dollar IT project to custom build an enterprise system to support procurement, pricing, ground reservations, product packaging, retail pricing and bookings.
After this project was fully functional, it was rolled out into a series of other travel companies through an M&A strategy. Cassie continued to manage it into maturity along with a range of ongoing projects, including: demand based pricing, custom built content management system and a CRM integration.
She says the diversity of IT project management is what drew her to the industry and transition from travel into software.
“At the tail end of my time as GM, I began a career pivot and focussed on managing the product roadmap for a complex technology stack, and eventually into a Change Management/Agile Coach role as the business transitioned to Agile.
“This led me to Kiandra, where I have enjoyed my time working on a diverse range of products and variety of clients with a group of dedicated, motivated and talented individuals.
“There’s a lot of excitement in solving business challenges and working with a team that are highly productive and capable of creating a solution quickly. I am thrilled at the chance to be able to lead this team and take Kiandra’s software development arm to the next level.”

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