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We’ve recently launched ME Bank’s new website built in house by Kiandra utilising the Kentico CMS platform. We couldn’t be happier with the results, and neither could the client with the website taking out the Kentico Financial Services Site of the Year award!


ME was recently named Australia’s Best Digital Bank. With no physical branches, ME has built itself on the power of the internet. ME uses a CMS to manage essential elements of the customer experience, therefore having a contemporary, secure, scalable, flexible, extensible CMS is essential for continued growth and success.

As a digital bank with no physical branches, ME relies on its website to be a one-stop shop. However, ME’s subpar mobile browsing experience prevented ME from acquiring and servicing its customers and didn’t support its digital brand. Our four broad goals for ME were to:

  • Create a website that works on all devices and browsers so both existing and prospective customers have a great user experience
  • Create a website where customers can easily self-serve and find the information they are looking for
  • Future-proof the website by choosing a platform that caters to personalisation
  • Make content editing easier, without having to rely on the skills of a developer.

The incumbent CMS was severely constraining ME’s agility and lacked the key functionality and features that were required. In response, ME established a working group and considered three alternate CMS platforms. Results from the evaluation process highlighted that Kentico was the logical choice for ME.



Kiandra worked closely with ME to deliver a fully responsive digital experience — in line with the bank’s technologically savvy reputation. Using a collaborative and iterative approach, Kiandra was able to deliver high-value, working software, quickly and effectively with less risk.

Kiandra collaborated with key stakeholders to identify the range of features required. The majority of the features identified as mandatory for the ME Bank website were available out of the box, as part of the core Kentico CMS offering. They include:
  • A new solution that schedules and updates ME’s rates automatically, supplanting the previous manual process
  • An enhanced version default Kentico search capability that adds autocomplete, faceted search, featured results and search spelling corrections
  • The capability to surface content in feeds to present interesting and related content to customers. Content authors and administrators have the ability to choose which blog posts and content pages appear in various feeds. Content can also be tagged to appear in other areas of interest/relevancy
  • The ability of content editors at ME to easily manage their site and campaigns, without having to rely on a developer.


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We’ve worked with Kiandra for a number of years on a range of different projects, and when it came to the CMS replacement they were our first choice. We were confident that they had the technical capability to successfully deliver our new site on time.

We’re incredibly pleased with the end result, and so are our customers!
We couldn’t be happier with the work Kiandra did for us. The fact that it won Kentico Site of the Year says it all!


Within a matter of weeks after the website launch, the new ME site was already delivering a strong ROI.

Since the launch of the new site, the search function has experienced an uptick of 147% with visitors staying longer on the site and visiting more pages.
  • Number of visitors across all devices has remained consistent pre- and post-launch, which is a strong result considering the bank’s post-launch period included the usual lull during Christmas and New Year
  • There has been improved engagement among both desktop and mobile users, with page sessions and session durations increasing by approximately 1.25% for desktop users and 4.60% for mobile users
  • There has been an average increase of 7.16% across overall product applications
  • Since going live with the new website calculator usage has increased by 358%.