Innovation Starts Simple

Kiandra - 19/03/2019

Are you innovative? Yes. Well, maybe. No, wait, what does that even mean? I have recently considered purchasing a Segway.

Innovation is one of those buzzwords that can put anyone on the defence, mainly because it’s a broad term. It’s present on every single technology company’s website in verb, adjective even noun form (yes, we are guilty of this) and can conjure thoughts of start-up mentality, risk and San Fran – but what it really means is far simpler.

The Australian Government defines innovation as: changing processes or creating more effective processes, products and ideas. So, if you realise walking to work is causing you to be late, and buy a bike, thus placing you at your desk before 9 – you, my friend, are innovative.

For businesses, the term can seem much more complex and overwhelming. This is because often when a company decides to innovate something, it also triggers a change management process as there are usually multiple people and elements to consider.

In order to do this right, it’s important to be clear on what you are trying to achieve. This will inevitably lead to a more appropriate innovation with less risk – it’s a chain reaction.

So how do you get to the point of your innovation (bear with us, we only mention the word one more time), you need to make smart decisions. Start simple:

Crack open your bottle necks – ask what is holding up your business, workflow, response to your customers? Dig around and get to the bottom of any issues, then start to think about a solution.

Take a look at other industries – digital solutions in other industries may fit your operation perfectly. Look at VR, originally for gaming, it’s now used in medicine, education and design.

Talk (to customers, staff, and your friends) – discuss ideas with your customers and people, run them by your partner or friends. They will offer another perspective on your prospective idea.

Bring it back to the core – whatever you do to move forward or digitally transform your business, it needs to link back to the mission and vision of the company. Consider where it’s going and how you can expedite the process with tech.

Innovation starts small, away from technology forums with desk research, conversations and market scans. It’s not a risky endeavour, when done with thought and patience, you'll come to find the right solution that will work at pushing your business forward.

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