3 reasons your digital transformation might not make it

Kiandra - 26/10/2021
A digital transformation can be a career-defining moment for any leader. Businesses that have been successful in adopting digital solutions, creating the right mindset, and implementing new ways of working have pulled off a change worthy of the word, transformation.

Then there’s the 70% of digital transformation projects that don’t get this right. The project doesn’t meet expectations and all the work, investment, time and resources, could be considered, wasted.

With businesses around the world investing over $1 trillion towards digital transformations – this is an endeavour you’re going to want to get right.

So, how do you know if your project might fail? The following are the top three reasons why your digital transformation might not make it.

The mindset is not there – digitisation is not just up to IT, it’s a business initiative

It’s quite easy to think a digital project is all up to the IT department – that your company is ‘just adopting new tech’. It’s simply not the case, a digital transformation impacts everyone.

Another issue is many people are adverse to change. In fact, employee resistance towards a digital project is the number one reason that these efforts fail.

New digital projects need to be approached with positivity, build excitement about it – explain how it will make people’s lives easier and lead with the benefits of a new digital solution.

As a digital leader, it’s important to work with managers, your CEO and other executives to get them enthusiastic about what’s being changed so that spirit can flow company-wide.

Failing to use the right technology – you can’t build a skyscraper out of rubber

A common mistake, which can trip up any digital project, is using a tool because it’s ‘shiny and new’. Yes, new tech is cool, trust us, we know – hello, we live and breathe tech.

But it is vital to choose the right technology stack that aligns with your business goals, capabilities and will contribute towards growth.

Using technology strategically can help any business of any size to grow. Be sure that it fits in with your overall strategy and that an investment will lead to revenue growth. For example, if you need a project to move fast, low-code might be most appropriate for your expectations – or if you have a unique need, custom might be the go for your business.

Not mapping out a strategy – the idea is there but the execution is murky

Change is exciting, especially for a digital leader aiming to make an impact on their organisation. When you’re looking to make that plan happen, details need to be thought through – a blue sky won’t cut it.

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and jump right into a new strategy before thinking it all through. However, a digital transformation requires a strong base in order for it all not to crumble.

Before you take the plunge, it’s important to do a business and user needs assessment, analyse what tour competitors are doing digitally, research industry trends, define the goals, assess your budget and make a plan on any further resources, like new people you may need to onboard or train.

When executed successfully, digital transformation can bring about higher levels of employee satisfaction, customer engagement, workflow efficiency and then some.

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