16 Ways to Stay Together While Working Apart

Cassie Wallace - 25/03/2020

A happy and engaged team is vital when we’re all physically distanced. However, for many businesses keeping people together while working apart isn’t easy. 

Here are some simple things you can do to keep your people engaged and feeling like they’re part of something bigger.

Pick up the phone. We often work in a flurry of instant messages, but pick up the phone every now and then – you’ll build a closer working relationship and it just might be the only time your colleague sees someone that day.
Have virtual coffee catch-ups. We all love our morning routines, so why not create a standing video conference and share your morning coffees together.
Coexist. Open a video chat and leave it on for a while. This can be incredibly handy if you’re working on a collaborative project with someone.

Keep learning. Don’t let development slide, do a Coursera learning course together a few hours per week. Or, even share TED talks – they’re an endless source of development content. 
Give your team fun KPIs. Give people time to work on something different with others so they can challenge themselves and stay motivated.
Keep celebrating success. Promote achievements through your group chats or team meetings. Not just pats on the back, but celebrate the technique applied or process used.

Photo of the day. Pick a theme (appropriately!) and encourage your team to post a relevant photo. It’s a great way to start conversations and learn a little more about each other.
Quiz time is the best time. Do the daily quiz via video chat with your team, just like you would at lunchtime. Better yet – make it a virtual lunch and quiz time!
Set group fitness challenges. Remote working can reduce your daily steps to a mere 10% of a normal day, so get moving together and keep tabs using a fitness tracker.

Share the music you love. While our Head of Software believes the best music is instrumental, sharing playlists is a great way to appreciate, or at least accept your colleagues' unusual tastes in music.
Start a podcast club. Nominate podcast episodes to listen to while you work or exercise and meet up online to discuss.
Get to know new people. Play online games to get to know someone, it doesn’t have to be Fortnite but it could be something as simple as Words with Friends.

Keep it short and snappy. Remote working naturally reduces face time, so keep in touch with shorter, more regular meetings - you’ll be amazed how much you can get through in 15 minutes!
Make team catch-ups more frequent. Make the time to meet with your team more regularly. It’s important to keep checking in with each other often.

Check-in with each other. Pay attention to who’s absent and make sure they’re ok. It’s too easy to feel isolated and social distancing is a huge adjustment for us all.
Be more present than ever. It’s easy to just listen to video calls or fade into the background of message chats. But challenge yourself to stay involved and have your say or share that photo!

Want to share these tips with your team? Download the 16 Ways to Stay Together While Working Apart poster.

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