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ASP.NET Zero is an application framework built on layered architecture and Microsoft's latest framework for web application development and Google’s Angular, the modern front-end framework for developing single-page applications.

ASP.NET Zero provides a solid, strong and scalable solution architecture and pre-built pages and functionality, meaning less time is wasted in development and quicker delivery of your project.

Why should
you care?

Finding the best solution for development isn't always an easy task. Simply put, ASP.NET Zero is an ideal foundation for building new web applications that need a modern user interface, a solid architecture and can be delivered quickly against tight deadlines.

ASP.NET Zero lives up to this promise by delivering a number of key benefits:

  • It includes many out-of-the-box features, so the development team can focus on your core and unique requirements, not the ‘plumbing’
  • It's included features are also fully customisable to deliver a tailored solution
  • It’s a modern, secure framework that follows many best practices — backed by Google and Microsoft
  • It leverages common technologies that have a wide user base and a large number of developers who can support it
  • Key cross-cutting problems are already solved out-of-the-box, so, you don't waste effort developing code for problems that others have already solved.


built with

Canada’s Crestview Strategy needed a way to build and manage their grassroots campaigns to voice opinion to the right level of government representation.

Quickly realising there was no product available to meet their needs, Crestview approached Kiandra to help build a tailored, comprehensive digital campaign management platform — Mobilizer.

Mobilizer TM executes multiple campaigns for multiple clients in parallel, and is capable of supporting millions of user actions.

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