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Managed Services

Our dedicated, multi-disciplined team can look after every aspect of your environment and ensure things run smoothly.

We are passionate about using innovative technology and platforms to keep you up and running, and have three packages available so you can choose the level that best suits your business.

Three levels of Kiandra Managed Services


Foundation is our entry level agreement and provides a minimum baseline for businesses to operate from. With this service we provide you with:

  • Routine IT maintenance
  • Systems monitoring
  • Backup reviews
  • Quarterly test restores
  • Support is provided on a time and materials basis, so you only pay for what you need.
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Foundation Plus is the next step up and is our customary managed services agreement. This service includes:

  • Everything included in Foundation, and
  • Fixed price business hours support
  • Antivirus management
  • Email management
  • Website monitoring
  • Virtual host management
  • Onsite support as required
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Fortress is our premium service and provides a complete outsourced solution. This service includes:

  • Everything included in Foundation +, and
  • SQL maintenance
  • Network device patching
  • Security device patching
  • DR testing
  • 3rd party server application support for select applications
  • Enhanced security services
  • Vendor management
  • Advanced monitoring
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Learn More About our Service Offerings

Services Foundation Foundation + Fortress
Service Level Agreement with committed response time
Account Management
OS Patching
Antivirus Alerting
Backup Review
Post Patch Checks
Antivirus Management  
Antivirus Support  
Quarterly Test Restores
Event Log Checks
Renewal Management
Capacity Checks  
Email Management  
SQL Maintenance    
UPS Management    
Network device patching    
Security device patching    
Level 1 & 2 Desktop Support
Level 3 Core Services Support  
Website Monitoring  
Backups Job Management  
Scheduled DR testing    
Virtual Host Management  
3rd party server application support    
Vendor Management    
Advanced Monitoring    

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Any service not included in Foundation or Foundation+ can be added for any additional fee. Please talk to a Kiandra Account Manager for further information regarding the inclusions under each service.


At Kiandra, once you enter into a Managed Services agreement, you can clearly calculate – in advance – how much your investment in this service is going to cost you over the next 12, 24, or 36 months. Compare this to the price of ad-hoc support, which is inherently difficult to budget for and manage.

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