Strategy & Transformation

Every business faces a range of unique challenges as they make their mark. Incorporating our extensive experience in the digital environment, we work with you to develop business and IT strategies to increase efficiency, develop consistency, and ensure scalability.

Design Thinking

At Kiandra, we take time to truly understand your business. By following the Design Thinking process, we are able to deliver insightful solutions to complex problems in an easy-to-understand format.

Process Re-engineering

We work with you to understand workflows and business processes. When mapped to your technological environment, this provides invaluable insights to improve efficiency and performance.

Data Analytics

Are you overwhelmed with an abundance of spreadsheets? Or spend way too much time on monthly billing? Let us look into your data landscape and see how we can help visualize the numbers you need.

Lean Management

We add value by identifying opportunities to lower cost, speed-up productivity, increase flexibility or maximise quality.

Lean Management in Action

As the company has grown over the past decade, ATC determined it was time to re-assess their digital landscape and business processes to determine where improvements in efficiency and efficacy could be achieved.


Our Clients

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