Managed Services

Operate efficiently, securely and without disruption, with a coordinated approach to IT management.

Our dedicated, multi-disciplined team can look after every aspect of your IT environment, helping you to free up important resources and focus on your core business.

Our Packages

From routine maintenance, to system backups and security systems, we can handle it all. 

Each of our packages are designed to increase organisational efficiency and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Managed Service

Foundation is our entry-level agreement and provides a minimum baseline to operate from.

  • Routine IT maintenance
  • Systems monitoring
  • Backup reviews
  • Quarterly test restores
  • Support is provided on a time and materials basis, so you only pay for what you need.
Managed Service

Foundation Plus is the next step up and is our customary Managed Services agreement.

  • Everything included in Foundation, and
  • Fixed price business hours support
  • Antivirus management
  • Email management
  • Website monitoring
  • Virtual host management
  • Onsite support as required
  • Office 365 administration and support.
Managed Service

Fortress is our premium service and provides a complete outsourced, security-focused solution.

  • Everything included in Foundation+, and
  • SQL maintenance
  • Network device patching
  • Security device patching
  • DR testing
  • 3rd party server application support for select applications
  • Enhanced security services
  • Vendor management
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Office 365 administration and support
  • Managed Security Services.

Why Kiandra?

World-class IT management and support.
Flexible packages tailored to your needs.
No jargon. We ensure everything is easy to understand.
Benefit from advanced security.
Fixed costs over 12, 24 & 36 months.

10 Benefits of a Managed Services Provider

Not sure whether you need Managed IT Services? To make the decision easier, we've put together the 10 benefits of moving to a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Download your own copy below.


Advanced security
Total cost control
Extended support
Transferrable knowledge
Latest trends
Team of professionals
Up-to-date systems
An MSP brings enhanced security and systems monitoring. A provider that specialises in security (like Kiandra), will even use the same tools as the hackers (and some that are better!) to protect your systems from intrusion.
Enjoy total cost control through a fixed-price agreement.

DID YOU KNOW: 50% of businesses with managed services cut annual IT costs by 25%.
With an MSP you can benefit from extended, after hours support, depending on your needs.
An MSP can look after what you don’t want to—freeing your staff to focus on innovation and driving your business forward.
An MSP brings knowledge and skills that are documented and easily transferrable.
An MSP keeps abreast of the latest IT trends and emerging technology that can benefit your business.
An MSP can partner rather than replace your internal team, offering support and filling in the gaps where needed.
An MSP gives you greater flexibility by allowing you to scale your infrastructure and systems up or down depending on your needs.
Leveraging the skills of an MSP gives you access to a complete team of professionals who are skilled in a wide range of technologies and available when you need them most.
An MSP is dedicated to keeping your systems patched and up-to-date.

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