Self-service Portals

What are the benefits?

More and more of our clients are reaping the benefits of reliable and dedicated self-service portals.

Increase site traffic by creating a better customer experience.

Reduce service costs by enabling end-users to find an answer to a problem or the information they need on their own.

Improve productivity by reducing calls and support tickets.

Bring personalisation to each customer as they login.

Our Mantra

“Beware the passive provider.” 

Software developer vendors are a dime a dozen but not everyone will take the time to learn and understand what your business needs. Often, it’s much ‘safer’ for the provider to just sit back and take notes, preparing a list of features to deliver. This is where Kiandra is different. We learn everything we can about your business and provide key to ideas to make what you build better, before you build it.


Not sure whether you need a custom-built or off-the-shelf solution? To make your decision a little easier, we’ve weighed up the options for you. 

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