Core Business Apps

We’ve helped transform some of the biggest brands, with enterprise-scale core business applications that are flexible, scalable and fully capable of integrating with existing software and processes.

Our Expertise

Global e-commerce platforms.

Responsive web and mobile apps.

Complete technology-stack enterprise transformations.

Integration solutions to reliably bridge ERP, POS, CRM and accounting packages.

Our Motto

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!
During their journey, most businesses reach the point where they have a legacy system that doesn’t meet the needs of the organisation for the future.

This legacy system is deeply embedded within their organisation, and probably runs a large part of their operational core.

Often providers might say you have to replace the legacy system because it simply fits in with what they want to sell. However, at Kiandra, we think differently. We understand that legacy systems are far more intertwined into a business than often realised, so in every new project we always do our best to avoid unnecessarily replacing the heart and lungs of your operation – instead looking at what we can leverage, update or improve.

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