Specialist Security Solutions

Our security specialists love the challenge of making it as difficult as possible to compromise your systems – from the inside and the outside. They use the same tools as the hackers (and some that are better!) to protect and test your business and its systems and ensure they’re in the most hardened state possible.

Penetration Testing

Nothing strengthens your security posture like a Penetration Test, and we strongly recommend that regular testing forms a key component of your security arsenal. During a Penetration Test, our Security team simulate a real-life hacking attempt - attacking your organisation's network to uncover and assist you to address security vulnerabilities or weaknesses within your environment.

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Security awareness training

The perfect complement to Security Culture Assessments, our Security Awareness Training involves on-site or online training for your employees to increase their security awareness and protect the information assets of your organisation. Your staff are also educated on how to identify and respond to non-technical attacks, such as phishing and social engineering methods.

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Corporate Security Culture Assessments

Unfortunately, your staff are generally the weakest link when it comes to your organisation’s security. Even the most heavily fortified environments can still be bypassed through a well-crafted phishing email or a phone call to a user. During a Security Culture Assessment, we facilitate on-site or remote testing of your employees to analyse their security awareness and how they respond to non-technical attacks, such as social engineering methods.

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Web/App Vulnerability Assessment

The Security team audits your network or app to highlight any known weaknesses that need to be addressed. The scope for this type of assessment may include servers, desktops, security and networking hardware.

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Security assessments

Our Security Assessments involve a comprehensive review of your security policies and procedures to identify any weaknesses, with findings and recommendations reported back to you in an easy to understand format.

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Wireless Leakage Analysis/Wireless Security Assessment

We analyse and hack your wireless network to help determine any vulnerabilities and better protect your business moving forward.

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Traditional security solutions

We also specialise in installing and configuring secure end-point protection, firewalls, networking and wireless networking solutions, hardened operating systems, intrusion detection and prevention capabilities, internet filtering and monitoring, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

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