As of February 2020, Nexon Asia Pacific Pty Ltd has acquired the Technology Services and Security Solutions divisions of Kiandra IT. It's the same team, same service, just new colours. Your Kiandra team continues to be available for your support and account needs. Further information on Nexon's service offerings is available here.
Our security specialists love the challenge of making it as difficult as possible to compromise your systems – from the inside and the outside. They use the same tools as the hackers to protect and test your business and its systems and ensure they’re in the most hardened state possible.

Penetration Testing

Nothing strengthens your security posture like a Penetration Test, and we strongly recommend that regular testing forms a key component of your security arsenal. During a Penetration Test, our Security team simulate a real-life hacking attempt - attacking your organisation's network to uncover and assist you to address security vulnerabilities or weaknesses within your environment.

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Security awareness training

Our online and on-site blended training will improve security awareness throughout your organisation, so your employees know how to respond to incidents and attacks including phishing, social engineering methods and more.

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Endpoint Protection

We install AI-guided security management on all network servers and endpoint devices. This helps to safeguard your entire organisation from any threats when accessed remotely via laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other wireless devices.

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Vulnerability Assessment

We audit your entire network including servers, desktops, security and hardware, to identify and prioritise any security vulnerabilities.

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Security Readiness Assessment

We’ll provide a clear overview of your preparedness to manage a threat and the effectiveness of your security, through a comprehensive review of current security policies and procedures

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Password Audit

We analyse current passwords throughout your organisation to identify any weaknesses and poor practice in order to implement more robust policies.

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Incident Response

We respond to your security incident, immediately. Our organised approach aims to identify and quarantine any suspicious activity and analyse the event to minimise and limit any further damage.

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Secure Managed Services

It’s a no-brainer that your Managed Services provider should also be responsible for keeping your business, systems and data safe from cyber threats — not just act as a service desk. That's why offer a Secure Managed Services Agreement that includes everything you would expect from a Managed IT Services Agreement, with an overlay of six critical security services. Together, these provide you with visibility of potential exposures and risks — helping to bring your business peace of mind.

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Monthly Reporting

Security Awareness Session

Vulnerability Scan

Global Phishing Campaign

Password Audit

Security Server Fundamentals

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Why Trust Kiandra?

Our team of security specialists is led by our Lead Penetration Tester and Head of Security, Dan Weis. Dan is an expert in cybersecurity and business risk, data breaches and a Certified Ethical Hacker. He is a highly sought after public speaker on cybersecurity, reaching the nation at events, TV and radio segments. Kiandra’s full Security team have worked across multiple industries for close to 10 years and have a wealth of experience including numerous security certifications complementing our range of Security Services below.

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