Kiandra IT, a Melbourne-based full-service IT company, have launched three new cyber security consulting and training packages to better prepare organisations for a potential data breach and educate on new local and global laws surrounding personal information.  

The three packages are tailored to fit the security level of any organisation and can bundle education, planning, assessment and monitoring. 

Kiandra’s Security Specialist and Lead Penetration Tester, Dan Weis, says cyber security has moved to the top of the list of concern amongst organisations around the globe given the European Union recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

“Any business, small through to large, is vulnerable to a security threat – if you house any personal data at all, you are open to risk. With new legislation in play globally and in Australia, companies are now at risk of copping heavy fines in the event of a security incident,” Dan says.

While the GDPR governs companies in Europe, the nature of the legislation means Australian businesses that operate, have offices in the EU or store personal data concerning EU citizens, may also be liable for fines up to $20 million Euro. This law, amongst others, shows a renewed global impetus to increase personal data legislation.

“Australia is not far behind adopting GDPR-like legislation, with the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme coming into effect earlier this year, it also puts organisations at risk for penalties in the event customer’s personal data is lost or breached and not reported.
“All this legislation is an opportunity for businesses to improve on existing security governance and protocols, response plans and training. Organisations can significantly reduce the cost of a data breach by educating employees about security,” Dan says.
Kiandra’s three packages aim to keep companies cyber resilient, combining on-site training, producing incident response plans and in some programs offering guidance on existing security protocols and ongoing monthly management and monitoring. Opting for the complete option means Kiandra will utilise the very latest in technology, leveraging its partnership with world leading security platform AlienVault, to offer real time monitoring.  
“While staying on top of security protocols is key to protecting against threats, knowing what to do in the event of a data breach is the single most important strategy a business can pull together to reduce harm,” Dan says.
Download full cyber security packages details.