Kiandra Reveals Ground-breaking New Technology

Meghan Lodwick - 01/04/2021

Australia’s leading software specialists, Kiandra, have today revealed a ground-breaking new technology that enables anyone to build an app in a matter of minutes. Go Code™ is the newest iteration in low-code, no-code development, and is poised to change the world of software, forever. 

Kiandra’s Head of Software, Cassandra Wallace says the Go Code™ concept is quite simple, you talk to your Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant to commission any type of app you want, and then say ‘Go’. 

“We have taken citizen development to a whole new level. Using voice-only, we have given people the power to code their very own apps through a few simple commands. 

“It is quite literally, code that writes itself, even before you have properly thought about what you need – a true gift to the world.” Cassandra says.

Spearheaded by Kiandra’s research and development team, Go Code™ has been some 7 years in the making. Developers, and anyone with a voice, can choose from an array of colours to create any kind of software product to assist in any task you can dream up – from teaching someone to cook to completing homework assignments. 

“What we have envisaged with Go Code™ is people being able to talk to their digital voice assistants on their morning commute, and then be presented with working software by the time they arrive at their desk,” Cassandra says. 
Before going to market, Kiandra tested Go Code™ rigorously, creating different apps for different purposes. One of the biggest success stories was created by an employee’s five-year-old daughter, who created an app that could delete ‘vegetables’ from her parent’s digital shopping lists.  

“What we’ve found, while testing Go Code™,  is that it’s so easy, a five-year-old can do it,” Cassandra says. 

“We are excited to be unleashing this powerful tool unto the world. Move over low-code and no-code – Go Code™ is here to make its mark.” 

To learn more about our new Go Code™ technology, Happy April Fool's Day. 

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