Mondo is Australia's leading service provider for utilities, transport, and telecommunication sectors. It also provides end-to-end water services, offering intelligent solutions to utilities, councils, government, consultants, commercial and industrial customers. 
Mondo had a tight timeline to develop the first iteration of an application for its users to track water usage. Mondo Power currently operates a power monitoring device and platform installed at residences and were looking to extend the platform to provide water monitoring to determine if there is a market for monitoring water usage. 
Mondo’s Manager Platforms, Gary Butcher says, “the decision to engage with Kiandra was to leverage their rapid development expertise in order to quickly develop a prototype to test with our users.” 
Due to the tight turnaround, it was important to rapidly get something in the hands of users to minimise software development with the ability to easily modify or change things quicker and test different ideas. 


Kiandra was handed a screenshot and wireframes to develop Mondo’s water monitoring concept. The key features of the application included household usage, targets, average daily/monthly usage, and the ability to track usage over time.
Mondo worked closely with Kiandra’s Senior Power Platform Consultant, William Cornwill to bring the concept to life and meet the functionality requirements they needed. 
Mondo’s Solution Architect, Robert Novella says, “We didn’t have a solid idea of how some of the functionality would work – this included the ability to detect leaks or alert of any issues. William just took a few conversations and the idea and was able to design the application.”
“He put himself in the mind of the end-user and was able to adapt the design to suit without making it a complex process,” Robert said. 
Mondo utilised a water logging device that is part of the Cumulocity IoT environment at Telstra, which is used to capture and store water usage every 15 minutes for devices. 
Kiandra developed an extraction of the data from Cumulocity into Microsoft Dataverse using a .NET Azure Function Application and a Microsoft Power Apps Canvas App to show the water usage reports to end consumers. 
“We started with a screenshot and, working with Kiandra, were able to create version 1 of a system integrated to Telstra quickly into the hands of our users for further testing.” 


The entire project took little more than five weeks from the initial screenshot brief to getting the application into users’ hands for testing.
Robert says, “the project was on budget with minimal use of our time and met all expectations we had set out.”
While the main goal of producing the first iteration of a water monitoring application was met, Gary says it’s the first step in meeting the overarching goal of offering an intelligent solution for its customers. 
“The overall aim for the water monitoring application is to give Mondo’s customers visibility of their water consumption, leading to savings to them or behaviour changes while also providing valuable information around anomalies such as leaks, or equipment fails.” 
“So far, our customers have been able to demo the first iteration of this application, and it is hoped the feedback will lead to the creation of a comprehensive application for this critical service.”

From brief to delivery in just five weeks.

Gary Butcher
Manager Platforms, Mondo
The decision to engage with Kiandra was to leverage their rapid development expertise in order to quickly develop a prototype to test with our users.

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