One of Australia’s long-standing insurance providers has been assisting businesses and brokers with insurance for over 20 years. 

They provide all their brokers with access to online broker portals. These online systems are meant to make their life easier by reducing response times and allowing them to instantly tailor quotes and policies to meet the needs of their clients. 

However, they leveraged a legacy Lotus Notes system that was at its end of life. It struggled to perform during busy periods and required significant redevelopment each year when underwriting rules were updated. 


This long-standing insurance provider was hampered by legacy technology. The project required a platform modernisation and a new insurance underwriting system to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improved customer experience to remain competitive within the marketplace and retain brokers and customers
  • Increased revenue through improving ease of doing business with the insurer
  • Ability to process an increased volume of transactions
  • Reduction of costs per transaction through a reduction in system costs and potentially refocusing staff to more customer-facing roles
  • Improved system availability (uptime) including disaster recovery, reliability and performance
  • Consolidated application environment and systems that are fully integrated, scalable, accessible, mobile, reliable and extendable.

Kiandra leveraged low-code platform OutSystems to enable fast, large, and complex application delivery. The OutSystems platform also helped facilitate the client's team to be core contributors during development and to own, maintain and continue development once completed. 


Using OutSystems, Kiandra built a core underwriting platform that allows flexible product configuration and deployment without code changes.
This results in the insurance provider being able to rapidly deploy product variations an order of magnitude faster than before.

The solution includes an automated approval rules engine that’s highly configurable, enabling the insurer to respond to an influx of quotes by configuring automatic approval themselves. 

The solution also incorporates a document generation system that allows users to make changes to insurance schedule templates themselves in Microsoft Word, without requiring intervention by IT or changes to the software. 

The reliability and performance of the system has far exceeded the legacy system it has replaced – for example, automatic temporary cover processes that used to take 8 hours to run are now completed within 30 minutes.  

It’s also much faster to make changes to core business rules across products because these are unified and centralised in one place and leverage the visual editing power of low-code. 

An 8-hour process cut down to 30 minutes.

Martin Cooperwaite
Co-founder, Kiandra

I was shocked when we found that low-code technologies could enable us to not only transform the user experience and feature-set, but also complete core business processes 16 times faster. The result has far exceeded everyone's expectations. 

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