GS1 Australia (GS1) is the leading provider of supply chain standards and solutions for over 25 industry sectors. The company introduced barcoding to Australia in 1979 and today enables more than 22,000 member companies, of all sizes, to become more efficient by implementing the GS1 system.

MyGS1 is their online membership portal that went live for its members in 2017. MyGS1 has approximately 25,000 users across its member companies.

Over the years since the portal’s inception, the product backlog had grown exponentially with enhancements and features that GS1 wanted to provide for its members. They were finding it more and more difficult to deliver the product backlog due to the native capabilities of the platform the portal was built upon, and the specialist skillset required to maintain and customise. Even minor content changes required a technical capability well beyond that of the marketing and support teams responsible for updating them.

GS1 needed a more robust and scalable platform to deliver an improved customer experience for its members.

After looking at the membership portal through the customer experience lens, GS1 identified that the customer journey had become disjointed due to the addition of new features over the years – it was clear the user experience needed an overhaul to provide better usability and increase adoption.


MyGS1 is a membership resource that provides its members with a range of tools and services. It is the central hub for all aspects of GS1 membership.

The MyGS1 online portal is a fast, simple and secure way to gain access to: Pay bills, view GS1 numbers, log in to GS1 services, view company and contact information, as well as quick links to help with GS1 knowledge.

The recent revamp includes:

  • complete redesign with a cleaner look and feel
  • a simplified view of your actions using a personalised dashboard
  • improved menu options for easier navigation
  • manage products easier with revised prompts and tips
  • managing bills and payments easier
  • access to services
  • ability to manage membership information
  • ability to enable access to contacts within the organisation.

The MyGS1 member portal is fully integrated within GS1’s technology eco-system. The project involved:

  • re-platforming the portal from its current platform to the OutSystems platform
  • integrations to various external systems
  • implementation of a common data service
  • data migration where required
  • retention of existing data and entity structures that could be re-used.


GS1's strategic decision to procure and move ahead with the implementation of the OutSystems platform has enabled them to rapidly develop and deliver solutions for its members.

“Re-platforming to OutSystems was a fresh start to re-design our portal from not only an end-user perspective but also an architectural and technical perspective. It has provided an easier way to maintain the application from data as well as from an application customisation/ configuration perspective,” Aleesha Chambers GS1 Project Manager said.

GS1 has also enabled staff members from its product and marketing teams to make configuration changes and content updates via the various secondary applications created. This frees up their specialised development team to focus on the ‘meatier’ development work.

In summary, the outcome of the build was:

  • customer experience transformation
  • application modernisation
  • reduction in complexity that is inherent in legacy systems and architecture
  • opened the door to the world of rapid development.

Members were consulted and involved in the re-design process, providing valuable insight to ensure we were delivering an experience that meets the needs of our broad membership base.

“The cut-over for GS1’s members to the new portal was seamless. The impact of the modernised and more intuitive design was immediately evident post go live,” Aleesha said.

“The MyGS1 portal will continue to be improved to enhance our members’ overall experience. Now that we have the right platform and a solid foundation, the next phase we are embarking upon is to start rolling out a series of value-add enhancements that enable greater self-service and provide additional features and capabilities that don’t exist today.”

A re-design and re-platform of an online member portal in six months.

Aleesha Chambers
Project Manager, GS1

Partnering with Kiandra has enabled GS1 Australia to re-design and re-platform our online member portal in six months with minimal disruption to our membership base, against a likely timeframe of two-to-three years without bringing in external resources.

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