Our Work

For 23 years we’ve been delivery great technology outcomes for organisations of every size. Here is a selection of just some of our projects.

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University of Melbourne ResPlat
Research Platform Services (ResPlat) is a department within the University of Melbourne. At its core, ResPlat aims to helps graduate researchers better conduct research by connecting them with the best tools, training, expertise and communities.
Independent Schools Victoria
Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) represents and supports the interests of Independent schools and the students they teach. Founded in 1949, it is a not-for-profit organisation representing 220 Member Schools, which educate over 145,000 students – 15 per cent of all Victorian school students.
Twins Research Australia

Twins Research Australia (TRA), based at the University of Melbourne, is the national peak body that manages the present Australian Twins Registry.  It houses a rich resource of data with over 35,000 pairs of twins available for research. It is also part of an international collaborative network where more than 340 researchers have used TRA data towards a broad range of study areas.

At the end of the day, I don’t have to worry because everything runs seamlessly now. Peace of mind is the biggest thing. The ability to go home and not have to worry about our security – that’s brought such relief.
MSBase has allowed us to take local and national observations on the epidemiology of MS and study them in a truly global manner.

WATERSURE is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the Victorian Desalination Project. It is made up of a team of about 60 people all working to ensure the plant is capable of supplying up to 150 billion litres of high quality drinking water annually to Melbourne, Geelong and local regional communities. It is under contract to AquaSure by the Victorian State Government.

Over ten years, Conference Call International (CCI) outgrew the capability of its IT service and was in need of something more robust. Looking for a way to update their systems and security posture to keep up with their expanding technology needs, CCI partnered with the team at Kiandra.
ME Bank

We’ve recently launched ME Bank’s new website built in house by Kiandra utilising the Kentico CMS platform. We couldn’t be happier with the results, and neither could the client with the website taking out the Kentico Financial Services Site of the Year award!
The MSBase Foundation

To continue to facilitate medical break-throughs and innovate, the MSBase Foundation needed to address a number of technical and usability limitations with the existing MSBase platform, so they reached out to the team at Kiandra for help.

MOIRA recognised the need to automate its processes, providing a ‘single source of truth’ and a consistent approach to drive greater efficiency, accuracy and insights. 

MOIRA needed a solution, and needed it quickly, so they turned to Kiandra to tackle the challenge.


Remasys is an Australian IT service provider with core expertise in end-user experience monitoring. Remasys understand that mission critical IT systems are at the heart of today’s business operations, and that these systems must run all of the time, in many locations and they must run efficiently.

We couldn’t be happier with the work Kiandra did for us. The fact that it won Kentico Site of the Year says it all!
Working with the team at Kiandra to deliver the isEducation suite has been a truly collaborative and iterative process, that has enabled ISV to ensure the end product is the best it can be to meet the overall vision of the digital solution.
PARC is recognised as one of Victoria’s preeminent sport, recreation and leisure facilities, focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences.