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Medical Accounts Assessment System (MAAS)



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Kiandra and Western Australia (WA) Health Support Services (HSS), collaborated over a five month period to successfully deliver a critical application replacement to enable the processing of up to $100M of invoices per year.


Initially implemented in 1998, the Medical Accounts Assessment System (MAAS) is used to assess, process and verify invoices for Contracted Medical Practitioners (CMPs) who provide fee-for-services in WA public hospitals.

The original system, previously hosted by Medicare, was scheduled for decommission by the Australian Government by 30 June 2019.

WA Health required the re-development of this invoice verification platform to meet the current functionalities of the MAAS system. With no ability to extend the deadline, WA Health needed a solution, fast, and turned to Kiandra.



WA Health needed a solution to integrate with the existing WA Health Patient Administration System (WebPAS) and the Payment System (Oracle Fusion) to meet full system requirements.
The original process saw WA Health staff enter CMP invoices into the system for assessment. Kiandra proposed a solution that would streamline the entry of invoices via a new and optimised portal experience, provide a powerful and flexible rules engines to assess and verify the CMP invoices in accordance with regulations, and then integrate with the payments system, Oracle Financials, to facilitate payments.

The solution developed modernised MAAS functionality to perform the following:
  • Provided an optimised and streamlined portal experience for users to enter invoices;
  • Manage and support the processing, assessment and verification of CMP invoices against the WA Government Medical Services Schedule (WAGMSS) and all Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items published within WAGMSS;
  • Manage WAGMSS Rules with a flexible rules engine that can be configured according to WA Health’s needs; 
  • Manage CMP contracts (for use in the rules engine);
  • Store regular WA Health Patient Administration System (WebPAS) data uploads containing patient encounter/visit details;
  • Output Oracle invoice payment data and store Oracle invoice payment confirmation data;
  • Provide reports and extracts of key data for reporting purposes, including weekly, fortnightly and/or monthly financial account statements; 
  • Manage and maintain all stored data to enable standard Audit, Governance and reporting functions; and
  • Maintain WAGMSS items with annual updates to rates and adds/deletes of WAGMSS items.


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This streamlines the processing of up to $100 million worth of CMP invoices each year under one managed system, making it easier and more efficient for our customers.
Low-code technology has enabled us to respond quickly to the required change and puts HSS at the forefront of application innovation and in a position to continue improving and building on the services we offer to the WA public health system. 


Kiandra and the WA Health HSS successfully hit the deadline and launched a replacement MAAS on 1 July. While previous estimates had pegged the project as requiring 12 months or longer using traditional software development tools, Kiandra and HSS were able to develop, test and launch the new MAAS in only five months.
In order to meet the significant requirements of this project in a short time frame, the Kiandra team leveraged the latest in low-code technology with partner OutSystems. 

A key feature of low-code and in particular OutSystems, is that it automates many aspects for customising core business applications and workflow via an intuitive drag and drop interface, while providing enterprise-grade architecture, performance and security.

HSS Chief Information Officer Holger Kaufmann said the new MAAS will enable WA public hospitals and health services to better manage invoices and payments of medical services provided by more than 1000 CMPs in the WA health system.

The new MAAS has also delivered significant cost savings, with the WA Health HSS reporting a drop in annual costs from $1.2 million to $400,000, a 66% reduction overall.