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Over ten years, Conference Call International (CCI) outgrew the capability of its IT service and was in need of something more robust. Looking for a way to update their systems and security posture to keep up with their expanding technology needs, CCI partnered with the team at Kiandra.


The rapid growth of the company in recent years has meant that the original IT service levels CCI had in place were overwhelmed. This left CCI at risk of data breach, server malfunctions and loss of capabilities, which could have crippled their ability to provide critical services to their valuable clients.

While a one-man IT provider was sufficient in 2002, the levels of activity in 2015 and beyond outstripped the capabilities of their infrastructure. The team at CCI continually had to manage their IT service provider. Rather than having proactive information provided to them regularly, they often needed to ‘check in’ with questions regarding backups and outstanding support tickets.
The nature of CCI’s business requires them to store sensitive client data, and, as they regularly work with large organisations within the financial services industry - among other high-risk enterprises - security is of significant importance for CCI and third-party stakeholders.
As the company grew and IT threats increased, CCI was aware that their existing approach to security was no longer a viable strategy to protect their rapidly developing IT systems or their clients’ valuable data. Although they were aware of this crucial issue, CCI lacked the expertise and capability to address it in-house. As such, the team was looking for a partner that provided proactive management of security, enabling them to focus on growing their company and providing the best possible services to their customers without risk and worry. This led them to approach Kiandra to engage their penetration testing services and discover the full extent of their potential security vulnerabilities.



After an initial call regarding penetration testing, Kiandra met with CCI to discuss the company’s further needs.

Initially starting with the things deemed most critical for CCI at the time - a security backup and code review - Kiandra’s team were quick to identify other areas where CCI’s IT solutions could be improved. At the same time, Kiandra and CCI commenced discussions regarding IT managed services - identifying and highlighting issues such as the key man risk of their IT Manager. If an incident were to occur, how long would it take to reinstate systems, and what vulnerabilities would be present within this scenario?

This holistic, comprehensive approach to assessing CCI’s current and future security scenarios quickly convinced them that Kiandra were capable of delivering a vastly improved solution. Furthermore, CCI were able to identify that forming an ongoing partnership with Kiandra was the right choice, recognising that they were capable of delivering a bespoke IT and security solution that would evolve to best suit the company’s growing needs.

From there, the on-boarding experience was seamless. The Kiandra team were able to demonstrate value early on in the relationship by finding and addressing security risks that CCI were unaware of. Subsequently, Kiandra introduced security and documentation protocols that enabled the highest-possible level of protection for all parties.
CCI were previously unaware of the extent of their security vulnerabilities, as they had not experienced any form of data breach. Fortunately, Kiandra discovered, assessed and solved any problems before any incident could occur.
Currently, CCI and Kiandra collaborate under a managed services contract, which includes level 1, 2 and 3 support. This covers everything from remote assistance when someone cannot access services, right through to premium infrastructure, network and application support, routine monthly patching, security updates, and proactive monitoring of systems and services for suspicious activity, server health and productivity.

As well as effectively securing existing systems, Kiandra has helped CCI update software, hardware and processes to ensure that the organisation remains up-to-date with IT security best practices. Ultimately, this has ensured that their IT infrastructure is now sufficiently agile and resilient - able to adapt to any emerging security threats.

With access to highly trained professionals and industry-leading tools and processes, CCI can rest easy knowing that their security is in Kiandra’s capable hands, focusing on growing their business and providing great outcomes for their customers.


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At the end of the day, I don’t have to worry because everything runs seamlessly now. Peace of mind is the biggest thing. The ability to go home and not have to worry about our security – that’s brought such relief.
We see [Kiandra] looking after all our I.T. needs from now into the future, whatever they may be.


CCI have fundamentally updated their approach to IT security. By partnering with Kiandra, they have transformed their previous IT and security solution into one that is resilient, adaptable and crucially, works well for them.
The value in CCI’s IT solution is finding problems before they cause issues, rather than reacting to what has already occurred. By engaging with a qualified support team, CCI can operate under the assurance that their systems are being monitored and kept healthy.
Other benefits realised by CCI include:
  • Bringing IT security in line with industry requirements and standards
  • Streamlined support
  • Engaging with a partner who has a large breadth of services
  • Bias towards security - holistic approach to solutions
  • Documentation, planning, facilitating - e.g. Business Continuity Planning (BCP), where Kiandra and CCI work together to implement strategies and measures that prevent and respond to potential future threats to IT security.