Why Kiandra

We are a people-first organisation, recognising that the individuals that make up Kiandra are our most important asset.

Fundamental to all of our team members is a great work environment. That’s why we’re continually striving to foster a culture built around work-life harmony, career development, everyday perks and a love for technology.

We support our employees inside and outside the office. This means offering flexible working arrangements, paid parental leave, access to counselling services, a run club, mediation at lunch and $50 per month for each staff member to go towards gym, yoga or general health goals.

We are excited about technology and exploring new tools and ways of doing things — it’s our livelihood. Working with a diverse customer base, that spans 40 industries means no two days are the same and that we are in a constant state of evolution.

If you continue to learn and develop so does everyone on the team. We offer extensive opportunities for you to upskill, stay relevant and learn something new.

Our fully stocked cafĂ© comes with free breakfast, snacks and an awesome coffee machine, which of course we’ll teach you to master. We also have a dedicated social club, golf tournaments, table tennis, foosball, luncheons and celebrate any public holiday or other we can find marked in a standard calendar.

Our Clients

Our Team

We are a team of completely different individuals, who respect one another and genuinely get excited about new projects, technology and perspectives. This includes security experts, technology specialists, and skilled software developers and consultants. Like any good team, we’re supported by Finance, People & Culture and Sales & Marketing — all led by Kiandra’s three founders. Together, we’ve helped Kiandra thrive since 1995.

Working at Kiandra

Discover what a career at Kiandra means to our team members.
A Software Developer's perspective...
  • A personalised learning and development plan that evolves and grows with you
  • A wide range of projects from a few weeks to years, spanning a variety of industries
  • Dedicated PM, BA, UX, Dev and QA teams — giving you the time to focus on what you are best at
  • Modern tooling including CI/CD, automated tests and more
  • Autonomy and responsibility complemented by a great support network
  • We move with the times, using the newest tools and techniques and we're encouraged to explore new trends.
Working in Tech Support...
  • A collaborative culture — we work as one team to get things done
  • Ability to work with the latest technologies (Office365, Cloud technologies and more)
  • Exposure to small, agile IT environments as well as large IT environments for multinational organisations
  • Knowledge sharing sessions — weekly catch ups where we share the latest tech ideas with the team
  • The opportunity to progress your career internally, without having to look elsewhere.
As a corporate services professional...
  • Work/life harmony is everything — the flexibility to work from virtually any where makes all the difference
  • The Directors are just like your co-workers and always available for a chat
  • You have a real opportunity to make an impact, with the freedom to challenge the status quo and try new things
  • The team feels like an extended family, with people genuinely caring about your wellbeing
  • Managers encourage you to explore your areas of interest and take on new projects that excite you most.

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