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You’ve got to make the choice

Our careers are often formed without making strategic decisions along the way – often we just fall into it. Take IT nerds for example – we enjoy IT, we are good with PC’s and gadgets, we understand the 0’s and 1’s enough to translate for those that don’t and the next thing you know, you are labelled the GURU. Then one day we all discover that we are part of something that is quite important. In my case, the case of my team and in fact the whole of Kiandra, the responsibility that comes with looking after the IT component of a business is NOT something to be taken lightly.

Too often we turn up to work and run through rolling out new systems, support tickets and complex requests from our business partners and take it all in our stride, to us, it makes sense. We solve this and investigate that and put 2 and 2 together from our experience and figure out the issues as quick as we can, without spending a small country’s budget on it.

As IT workers we must recognise the importance of where we fit into business.

IT is so ingrained in business these days that it is without doubt, a critical component to business continuity. As IT representatives we must remind ourselves that to be the IT person, we choose to be involved at this level. We don’t shy away from the challenges, we take on the problems, accept the risks and move to reduce or remove them. We consult our peers, gather information and make judgment calls for our partners that will provide them with an outcome to keep their business running.

As members of the IT industry, we must remember and respect where it is we are playing. Our mistakes are extremely visible and sometimes have large consequences. Not everyone can do it, it’s stressful, there’s large responsibilities but the choice is there to be made, and if you are willing to accept it there is a massive reward in knowing you’ve made a difference in someone else’s business.

I am proud to have made that choice.