Why you need a Secure MSP on demand

As security becomes one of the issues that define a business online, finding an MSP that's up to the task has become more important than ever.

When it comes to outsourcing IT and security, it’s a minefield out there. In fact, there are as many options as there are acronyms – Managed Services Providers (MSPs), Managed Security Services (MSS), and Managed Security Services Provider (MSSPs), but what do you actually need? 

With the explosion of cybersecurity issues, pervasive and persistent threats from all over the world, the introduction of regulations and yet more acronyms like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and MDBN (Mandatory Data Breach Notification), many MSPs are looking to make the leap to become an MSSP.
The challenge is understanding if your traditional MSP is qualified to add that extra ‘S’. However, often the extra ‘S’ may only refer to a couple of basic solutions like email filtering and endpoint protection offered alongside a traditional MSP practice.
There is a reason MSSPs and MSPs were separated in the market for so long, each is a specialist form of IT service and takes a significant amount of knowledge and dedicated practice to be a reliable and solid provider.

Therefore, introducing or merging services like these, takes effort and expertise, for this reason, MSSPs have long been in the domain of enterprise-level organisations while SMBs have been left to work with an MSP often with the security aspect lacking.

Now that cybersecurity threats pose a risk for all businesses and companies of every size – it’s important to know how well your MSP can secure your critical business data. With so many MSPs rebranding as MSSPs due to market demand (and not always by adding security skills), you’ll want to be confident they didn’t just add an extra letter.

Gartner have predicted that in two years 40 percent of all managed security services contracts will be bundled with other IT outsourcing projects. The industry is changing and companies are demanding that their IT platforms not just run smoothly – but operate securely.  

The reality is though that not all MSPs have the accreditations, experience or in-house expertise to deliver this, or, have a track record of high quality IT security service delivery.  Engaging a managed service provider with security experts has numerous benefits, including:

  • A range of security services that extends beyond the firewall – staff awareness; anti-phishing campaigns; password audits; vulnerability assessments etc.;
  • having a full view of technology operations within your business, enabling a holistic approach to all things IT and security;
  • Critical security vulnerabilities can be identified and remediated; and
  • As security is about more than technology, finding the right partner to help you from an IT, employee and business perspective is critical.

With a Security Services team operating for over 10 years, Kiandra is in a unique position to deliver the right combination of security services with ongoing IT Service Management.  Our Secure Managed Services is designed to raise the bar on what MSPs should be delivering as their standard service offering and putting security front and centre of ongoing support. 

The introduction of our new Secure Managed Services Agreement (MSA) sees Kiandra delivering a managed services with an overlay of security services designed to provide you with visibility of potential exposures and risks, delivering you peace of mind – not just a service desk.

If you’d like to understand how the Kiandra Secure MSA can help place your business in a position to deal the ongoing challenge of protecting your business against ongoing cybersecurity threats, please talk to Kiandra today.