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Why would you ever be a waiter?

When I was a young lad and studying at university (well let’s say the better part of 20 years ago) I was a waiter. I was flung into the wonderful world of customer service armed simply with a smile and a small slice of training on how not to drop the very goods I was tendering.

The whole concept of dining out and putting your happiness in a waiter’s hands is in essence a leap of faith. We all go to an establishment for a meal and hope it will be satisfactory or exceed our expectations. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. However, a factor that could take you back to that very establishment no matter what the food levels, could be the waiter or waitress i.e. the service.

I still remember to this day some of the situations I found myself in where the meals I delivered to customers had me back there to…“please explain why my meal isn’t up to scratch.” With genuine apologies I was on my way to the kitchen to deal with the issue. It was at this point, with emotion from the customer being clearly high, that it was all up to me, not the cook, not the manager, but the young man holding the plate. Happy days 🙂

It was here that for some strange reason I enjoyed the challenge of servicing people directly and to this day, I still do. IT support has taken on many faces over the years, and some of us have seen it go full circle, did I mention how old I was? But there has always been a constant. The service, the interaction, the experience.

After all, isn’t IT meant to make our lives easier?