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Which Google Apps Can be Used Effectively at Work

Google Apps is a suite of productivity apps which can be accessed via the cloud from any device with an Internet connection. Designed with business in mind, they allow users to do everything they could at the office from anywhere in the world. This article looks at the main apps that 5 million businesses are now using on a daily basis.

Google Apps for Business

The core apps in the Google Apps suite are Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Hangouts, and the following is a brief overview of each.

  • Gmail – This is the ultimate business email solution, with up to 30GB of storage (available across all apps), powerful search capabilities, the ability to work offline, custom email addresses, labels and filters to organise emails and the ability to text and voice or video chat directly from your inbox.
  • Calendar – A superior organisation tool that can be embedded on the company’s website and allows users to schedule and share mutually convenient meeting times, set up appointment slots, receive reminders by phone or email and attach relevant files and documents in preparation for scheduled meetings.
  • Drive – Google Drive is a powerful app that lets you store all your files in the cloud and sync files from your devices to the cloud, so that new versions of documents are automatically updated on all devices.
  • Docs – A very popular app that allows users at different locations to collaborate in real-time, by creating, editing and sharing online documents, adding images, tables, drawings and links and managing feedback with social commenting.
  • Sheets – The ultimate spreadsheet tool, this app lets you track projects, analyse data and get new perspectives on it with the use of tools such as advanced formulas, embedded charts and pivot tables.
  • Slides – The Slides app has a sophisticated presentation editor that allows you to create beautiful slides and animations, embed videos and publish and share your work online.
  • Hangouts – This is an advanced online communication tool that allows you to chat with others using text and images and to start or join high definition video conferences from any location with up to 14 other participants.


Despite what some people believe about cloud-based applications, Google Apps is actually very secure. It has a number of critical security features designed to keep your data safe, including:

  • Tools that allow you to control who you share your data with and how you share it.
  • Automatic backup, so your data cannot be lost.
  • Strong encryption and optional (and free) two-factor authentication procedures.
  • Remote wiping capability in case of device loss or theft.
  • 99.9% availability, with no scheduled down-time, meaning you have access to your data 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.