What to Consider for Your Global Ecommerce Website Design

When designing a website for global ecommerce, you need to get certain elements right, otherwise you will severely limit its selling potential. Obviously it has to look good and be easy to use but, unlike a static website, a global ecommerce website has special requirements that must be addressed in the development and design.


While buying online is now commonplace, people are still hesitant about giving out their credit card details. In order to get your global customer to buy online, you need to show them that you are a reputable business who can be trusted with their money and personal details.

To do this, you must pay attention to every aspect of your site, from spelling and grammar to image quality, to ensure it looks professional and trustworthy. You must also assure your customers of your credentials, how much you respect their privacy and how secure your transactions are.


Even though your ecommerce site is targeting a global audience, it needs to feel like it is ‘local’ when people use it. To achieve this, you need to install a platform that can automatically adjust for global differences so that buyers are treated the same way whatever their geographical location.

Such a platform should be able to automatically detect where a visitor is from and make the necessary adjustments to the site’s processes, such as converting their currency, adding or subtracting tax or anything else that might otherwise interfere with their buying experience.


Studies have shown that almost 20% of visitors to a website fail to complete a transaction because of the site’s confusing checkout procedure. That’s a large percentage of your potential market, so making the payment process as smooth as possible is vital.

One way to accomplish this is to make any forms as short and simple as possible, as many people will not complete a form if you ask them for too much personal information. Another way is to have a universally accepted credit card facility, so that all they have to do is type in their card number and the transaction is complete.


If you aren’t sure whether your global ecommerce website is primed for maximum sales, ask yourself these questions:
  • Does my site support other languages?
  • Is my site easy to use?
  • Does my site look trustworthy?
  • Is my payment process easy and secure?

If you answered no to more than one of these questions, you might want to consider getting professional assistance to improve your site.

Image source: flickerleap.com

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