If you’re a business owner, you may have come across the term Managed Services and wondered what it means. Managed Services can support your business by facilitating growth and enhancing your operations. You can benefit from having a dedicated Managed Services team even if you already have internal IT personnel. But what is Managed Services and how does it drive business growth and success?

Managed Services is an outsourced IT management solution. You can think of it like any other service you contract out to a third-party provider, like you might with your legal and accounting services. However, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) remotely manage your IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems. This is provided on a subscription basis for a fixed monthly fee, with a service agreement outlining what services you’ll receive. Additional fees might be payable if you require services beyond the service agreement. For small and medium organisations without extensive IT teams, MSPs can offer an attractive solution by allowing them to access a wide range of IT experts at a fraction of the cost.
The scope of Managed Services can be broad, especially if your business subscribes to a premium package. You can have your MSP look after everything from routine IT maintenance and systems monitoring to backup reviews and security testing. You can get support on running applications, storage, data recovery, and network management. Your MSP can provide any IT service that helps keep you business running, and/or they can assist you with upgrades, changes, and scaling up your IT infrastructure.

Why do businesses need Managed Services?

Managed Services can complement your in-house IT team while allowing you to access expertise at a fraction of the cost.

1. Access expertise 
Using Managed Services teams can give you access to a wide range of IT specialists you otherwise would not be able to access. You could have access to dozens of IT specialists with experience and skills in niche areas.

2. Fast ramp-up 
If a specialised IT issue arises in your organisation, you might be able to get it resolved faster than you could otherwise – by working with your MSP rather than having to find someone to work for you business at short notice.

3. Free up internal IT capacity
Managed Services can complement your existing IT team. Using Managed Services can allow your business to free up more internal IT capacity so you can address core IT needs without overloading your IT personnel. Whether it’s a team of one, two, or more, it’s possible your IT team is overloaded with routine IT tasks that are not part of their job descriptions. These tasks could be easily outsourced to an MSP.

4. Cost savings 
Working with a MSP could enable your business to save more on total IT expenditure. This is because you access a team of IT experts with diverse skills without having to hire them as employees. By paying a monthly, fixed subscription fee, you save on the employee entitlements, benefits, and salaries your organisation would otherwise be paying for in-house staff.

5. Backup resource
For organisations with small IT teams, MSPs offer a backup option for IT assistance when their team is unavailable. Since MSPs use automated monitoring suites, you’ll also get more comprehensive monitoring than your small team might be able to provide.

What are the benefits of Managed Services?

Chris Munro, Director – Technology Services, Management states that:

“Internal IT teams are predominantly tactical thinking and focused on the here and now, whereas a Managed Service Provider will provide you with that strategic thinking. So you’re not just looking at the now, you’re thinking about tomorrow or next year.

You get more efficiency and competitiveness in the marketplace, so that’s more to do with the strategic thinking. You can implement new technologies because MSPs are playing with multiple technologies and multiple technology sectors across diverse customer portfolios. So you’re not just committed to a single hardware provider – you’re looking at everything.

Ultimately, your organisation gets to stay focused on what they do best, so you can concentrate on core business activities that will increase profits, and we can worry about the IT.”

Managed Services can be an invaluable outsource solution to supplement your existing IT team, but ensure you work with a reputable MSP so that your business is getting the best service standards. Kiandra IT is an industry leader in the area, and we hire only the best brains in IT.

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