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What is it about Kiandra?

We’ve got a casual office environment, and offer our team great perks. But it’s something else that makes Kiandra an award-winning place to work.

We have team dinners together on Friday nights, offer free dry-cleaning, host regular hackathons and we even have the requisite coffee machine, plus foosball and ping pong tables. Plenty of things make Kiandra a good place to work. But dry-cleaning isn’t what won us a spot in BRW’s Best Places to Work for the seventh year in a row.

Over 20 years we’ve built an amazing team of passionate people. Recent graduates and managers alike share high job satisfaction and an enthusiasm for their work. So what is it that sets Kiandra apart as one of Australia’s best employers? Three key things make us who we are:

  1. We choose the best technology for each job.
  2. We hire smart, curious people who are motivated to push themselves.
  3. We have an open, supportive environment.

More dots than you can poke an SCE at

Despite what you might have heard, we do a lot more than just .NET. We use the best and latest tools, always with a focus on the client’s needs. Our teams push themselves to test ideas and find the smartest solutions. We love it when our staff want to try something new, because it means they’re constantly finding opportunities for professional development. Working with us offers real opportunities to build new skills. From the top down, we’re all about collaboration, mentoring and personal growth. The incredible diversity of experience across our teams means that staff can always find someone else to learn from when testing different ideas.

Our staff are rockstars

On-the-job training, seminars, conferences, staff presentations and product showcases keep our teams motivated to learn more, whilst building their profiles in the industry. Many in our team happily work on projects in their own time if it means they can test new tech, and we actively encourage side projects – especially ones where coffee is involved.

Several staff also organise their own meetup groups and hold them here in our presentation theatre – we love hosting groups of tech enthusiasts every month.

Is there an ‘I’ in Kiandra?

We’re proud of our close-knit, collaborative working environment, and we prioritise moments when staff can meet, share ideas and relax. We don’t offshore – our teams work together on every step of a project, from inception and problem solving right through to celebrating a job well done.

Collaboration extends beyond the office as well. Kiandra staff work closely with clients as an extension of their teams, stepping in to solve problems and offer trusted advice. Both parties benefit from personalised experiences, and our people really enjoy sharing their knowledge in different contexts.

We’ve carefully developed this culture at Kiandra, in order to build and maintain an extremely talented and ambitious team of people, supported in their drive to push the limits of IT, and deliver outstanding levels of service for our customers.

We’re always on the hunt for like-minded folks to join our team. Think you’ve got what it takes? Get in touch today.