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What evidence is there that Agile works?

In my experience Agile works very well but it’s helpful to have concrete evidence to convince skeptics.

Fortunately Scott Ambler, former IBM chief methodologist, has been surveying readers of the Doctor Dobbs Journal and Linkedin technical forums on the success of IT projects for several years. This survey is highly credible as more than 80% of the respondents have more than ten years’ IT experience and 51% are managers or team leads.

The 2011 IT Project Success Survey at http://www.ambysoft.com/surveys/success2011.html shows that Agile projects (iterative, agile and lean) are much more likely to be successful than traditional and ad-hoc projects. When asked how successful projects were in their organization, respondents said that 67% of agile projects in their organization were successful compared to 50% of traditional projects.

Agile projects are more successful

Agile projects are more successful because more of them deliver a quality system, meet stakeholders real needs, provide a return on investment and deliver on time and schedule.

Agile projects deliver better results

Drilling down we can see that more than 70% of Agile projects were effective at delivering a return on investment compared to only 30% of traditional projects.

Agile projects deliver greater ROI

Agile methods work. Try it and you’ll see.