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What do you know?

If you weren’t planning on attending the Melbourne leg of Web Directions’ “What do you know?” series, now you should!

Alex Mackey, author, presenter and senior dev at Kiandra will be presenting “RX.js in a rush”.

RX.js makes handling events in your applications easy and allows you to filter, combine and intuitively handle any errors. Come to this presentation to learn the basics of this underused library.

The Web Directions’ “What do you know?” event is widely known for its unique format – 10 fast and furious 5 minute demos of cool tricks and techniques from the most cunning and artful masters of the local web crowd. We’re looking forward to this one!

Alex will also be presenting “TypeScript and Terminators” at the Web Directions Code Conference in May and recently presented on HTML5 via Skype for the Adelaide user group.