What Are the Advantages of Custom Software?

Kiandra - 23/01/2014

Custom software is all about developing a tailored application for an organisation. Unlike off-the-shelf software, it is not available commercially for sale, but rather is commissioned to be built for a specific purpose.

For companies, there are many good reasons to choose custom software over something ‘ready made’. Here are a few ways business can benefit from going custom:

Built for a company’s unique needs

Because of the tailored approach taken with custom software, it can be developed to meet any particular need an organisation may have. While not only meeting a niche problem or operating system for a company, the software can also be customised to suit the organisation in other ways. For example, the design can feature company branding and take into account a business’ unique infrastructure. As a software that’s put together through interactive feedback with those who will use it on a regular basis, the way the application operates will be customised too. The increased usability of the software should mean staff can operate it with ease and find it straight forward to train others in. The end result of all this is increased efficiency and productivity within the workplace.

Customisable into the future

While specially developed software can be designed to integrate with existing systems, it can also be adapted for future changes. This includes other software and IT infrastructure, but also the direction the company takes. The flexibility involved with custom software and its ability to be adapted make it a worthwhile investment.

A competitive edge

Because the software has been designed for your company alone, it means any competitors don’t have access to it. If they are only using off-the-shelf software, they’ll be limited by its capabilities and adaptability. That means your organisation has an edge which should become obvious as work is completed more efficiently.

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