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Victorian Government Vulnerable to Cyber Threats

An audit of the Victorian Government’s IT security defences has showed it to be massively unprepared should any serious online attack take place. While testing its ability to respond to major cyber attacks, IT systems suffered more than 100 critical breaches.

The audit indicated the Victorian government is extremely vulnerable online to hackers and malware.

The state’s Auditor-General, John Doyle, declared the systems in place to be inadequate, saying there is no unified arrangement in place to brief ministers should an attack happen.

Doyle has since advised Victorian IT security agencies on issues that need addressing urgently. He said that improvements to systems have already begun to be implemented.

The government has also taken action, introducing the Emergency Management Bill 2013 into Parliament in October. The legislation ensures government members will be briefed on any cyber incidents.

Victoria is not alone in its weak security practices, with Brisbane’s traffic management systems recently declared vulnerable to cyber attacks. Western Australia has also received criticism in the past.