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Top 5 FREE apps as voted by the Admin team

As the Administration Assistant (AKA the office fairy) at Kiandra, I ensure the office and everyone in it has all the things they need to do their job efficiently.

Supporting the Admin and Finance team is just the tip of the iceberg for me, I get to organise events (such as regular Friday night dinners, social club events, the infamous Christmas party), update processes and procedures, and work with each department to ensure they get the most out of their day.

Working at Kiandra has opened my eyes to more uses of technology and software than I had originally known (it felt much like Alice being down the rabbit hole). My daily routine is now reliant on a range of new software tools and apps to help me plan and prioritise.

The following are the Admin team’s top 5 picks for free apps/web applications. Enjoy!

  1. Trello is the electronic equivalent of having a million post-it’s stuck around your PC monitor (I know mine used to look like it had a colourful lion’s mane for a while)! This program allows you to easily display all tasks in front of you and organize them in lists categorized however you see fit, I personally like using deadlines; Today, Tomorrow, This Week. You can easily transfer tasks from one list to another which is especially useful as priorities change. Some of its features include comments, colour coding, checklists and sharing your board with other users so they can see your progress or even moving task from one user to another to help share the load if need be.
  2. Survey Monkey is a handy website where you can easily create surveys and collect feedback. It has the ability to store this data and create customised reports from the feedback with creation of various charts and exporting options. Our Christmas party this year was a family friendly format and Survey Monkey enabled me to see how well received this idea was and whether it is a good option to keep available for future events.
  3. Pinterest is a great app for gathering ideas; it has everything from quotes and inspirational phrases, to health and fitness motivation. Here at Kiandra we do things a little differently and with our many events through the year, I’m always on the lookout for new themes and activities for the company, both professionally and socially.
  4. Stumbleupon is a great app for finding articles, websites, music and videos which match your interests without having to click through the masses of entries on the internet. Simply tick the boxes against the categories you like and every time you open the app, you can choose to see articles that are collated ‘Just for you’ or ‘Trending’. It’s a simple as swiping past an article you want to skip and tapping on an article you wish to read in further detail. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on a topic or something new to add to your research, you can just browse through by ‘specific interest’.
  5. Pocket Expense is an easy App I use to track spending.  You simply enter your income and expenses as they occur. Expenses get categorised so it is easy to see what area consumes the most money. It also provides insight on where to allocate money in future, and allows you to create budgets and enter bills so you can plan around your upcoming expenses.