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Three Things to Know Before Turning Digital Like Delta Airlines

The possibility of a near-paperless office could be in sight, with American airline Delta announcing it will soon be equipping all its pilots with Microsoft Surface 2 tablets. The move means saying goodbye to heavy paper information.

By eliminating paper from their processes not only will they reduce clutter in the cockpit, but they could save up to $13 million every year.

The use of tablets also means less time spent looking for flight information and should help pilots know what’s in the air and on the ground.

Delta is just one of a large number of businesses making the switch to digital. If you are thinking of doing similar, Dynamic Business suggested a few things to know about before jumping in:

Upgrade your tech: While it’s impossible to update every single time there is a change in technology, try not to fall too far behind either.

Backup and disaster recovery: If you are thinking about turning your office digital, it is absolutely essential that you understand the importance of backing up data. Not only is it important to perform backups, but it’s highly recommended to continually test your backups.

Embrace the cloud: The cloud offers an opportunity to better manage some of your processes. Research the ways it could improve the running of your business.