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Three points to be aware of when considering growth

Managing growth is challenging for all organisations.

At Kiandra we’ve been lucky enough to experience strong, continuous growth since inception, but most rapidly in the last five years. Of course it didn’t just happen by chance, we have robust plans in place to facilitate and maintain our growth, and I often get asked what the most important areas to focus on while accommodating growth are.

What growth means for your business will depend on your priorities, but at Kiandra we found the following three areas to be absolutely fundamental in setting the foundations for our growth and success.

Prepare your people
Ensure you have great induction processes to welcome new people, prepare your people to embrace new ideas and personalities, give them confidence that change isn’t something to fear and that the core and culture of the business will remain the same. At the end of the day in a services organisation the most important asset is the people. A substantial portion of your success is reliant on having good, happy people to deliver the service. If your business is suffering from talent drain so will its revenues.

Ensure your systems and processes are solid and scalable
It’s harder to make changes when you’re bigger, especially when you’re growing, but it’s imperative to stay abreast of the latest issues and trends, and adapt accordingly. Ensure ‘the way you do things’ is adequately documented so that you can rely on the outcomes you will achieve.

Ensure you have adequate funding and cash flow to support the growth. Be conservative in your estimates and timeframes and plan your scenarios well. Do your analysis properly to ensure you’re growing with a measureable objective ahead. Monitor your progress continuously to ensure you are achieving your targets, but also leave room for flexibility, it’s very important that you’re adaptable and opportunistic.

(image credit: D.B. Blas)