The Trickle-Down Effect of a Discovery Workshop

Meghan Lodwick - 14/06/2018

Discovery Workshops are vital to the success of any digital transformation project. With the failure rate of IT projects set at an alarming 55 percent – getting a project right from the beginning is essential because, failure, is expensive. 

But these Workshops inject far more value than paving a way forward for digital strategies, they can also help a business better define products, services and most importantly, customer needs.

While the objective of any Discovery Workshop is to create and document a digital deliverable or product – the trickle-down effect can resonate far beyond.

Uncover great ideas

We work collaboratively with all our clients to hone in on what digital resolve is appropriate for the challenge at hand. This also has the added value of ensuring there are clear end-to-end processes without gaps or unknown unknowns. 

The Discovery Workshop means bringing stakeholders into a room together that might not otherwise collaborate, like department heads, sales or customer service officers. This combination of expertise from across the business is a great opportunity to dive deep into the solution needed without external distractions.

Yes, it’s these kinds of brain dump sessions that tend to uncover great ideas. Sometimes, all it takes is a few pieces of Lego to the light the spark.

Unlock new revenue sources

An example of a disruptive solution that came out of a Discovery Workshop and has since helped push forward the business is ME Bank’s new website. The search function experienced an uptick of 147 percent. But the impressive part was their brand new home loans repayment calculator usage increased by whopping 358 percent.

This kind of ROI unlocks new sources of traffic and potential revenue. It is also an example of a digital solution providing further benefit than functionality alone.

Setting actual time for business success

Defining success is the linchpin in any strategy. Discovery Workshops are structured events with predetermined time slots to actually think about the kind of digital solution that will work best for your business, with experts.

The purpose of the discovery isn’t to hand scribe every single requirement. It is to ensure developers and the organisation understand how the business currently works and how it would like things to work in the future. The collaboration is so we can together, take the time to road map your digital journey without interruption.

Our hands on approach with clients helps to uncover current roadblocks and business issues. Using the latest user-centred design techniques, we then take these insights to tailor a software solution that is an ideal fit for their business.

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