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The Dr launches dashing.net

Over the weekend, the Dr (a.k.a Pete Sbarski, Kiandra Software Developer) released his .NET dashboard – dashing.net – and it’s AWESOME!

dashing.net is an ASP.NET API/MVC dashboard that is wholly compatible with the dashboard originally written by Shopify in Ruby/Sinatra.

Pete took their idea, and re-implemented it in .NET while trying to preserve compatibility. This ensures that most of the behaviours and conventions used in dashing.net are identical or closely mirrored to dashing. All widget front-end files (html, scss and coffeescript) can be used directly, however jobs need to be re-implemented in C# or another compatible .NET language.

The advantage of using Pete’s dashboard over others is that you can craft any kind of widget to show any kind of information, it works in a web browser and it’s free.

Check out the dashboard in action here: http://dashingdotnet.azurewebsites.net/ (chrome, firefox or safari only)

It’s currently available on github: https://github.com/sbarski/dashing.net