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The business merit of awards

On behalf of the team at Kiandra I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to the finalists of this year’s Victorian Telstra Business Awards.

This time last year we were nervous, and apprehensive, but incredibly excited to be up for a Telstra Business Award, as I’m sure this year’s finalists all are.

This year I’m just as excited as we have been asked to participate in the awards as part of the Winners Alumni – acting as a mentor and offering advice to the finalists and winners on how to maximise the benefit from this experience.

This got me thinking about our awards journey.

Kiandra has a number of awards under its belt and people often ask me whether they are actually worth entering.

The short answer – yes! Most definitely!

But as with anything they’re only beneficial if you’ve done your homework first.

For Kiandra our awards strategy consists of a three pronged approach – recognition from our industry, from the business community and from an employment brand point of view. As such we participate in awards programs from each of these areas to help increase our profile and credibility, both internally and externally.

Participating in awards programs usually involve a fairly in-depth process that requires you to articulate who you are and what you’re about – strategy, marketing, diversity, values, communication and engagement. So you should ensure you are participating in reputable awards programs given the time involved in compiling submissions and the confidential nature of some of the information provided.

Picking the right programs
The best awards to enter are the ones that have established credibility behind them, or if they are new – the backing of a well-known, reputable organisation. Awards that are clear in their judging criteria and are independently audited will garner greater respect from both the participants and business community.

The benefits
Awards are an incredible marketing tool which builds reputation, validates capability and drives pride throughout the business.

Our awards have helped us attract new business, generated substantial press coverage and secured speaking engagements allowing us to demonstrate our thought leadership and expertise.

The various awards we have won act as an endorsement of our professionalism and capability – providing confidence to clients and prospects a like.

Pride in who your people work for can be an incredibly powerful asset and winning awards has been a great way to build pride across our organisation. Having our people proudly talk to family, friends and industry peers about our achievements and their contribution to them is invaluable.

My advice
Do your homework and enroll your people. Research the various awards programs out there that resonate with your business, industry and clients. Make sure they are properly aligned with what you’re about and  if you’re lucky enough to win – maximize the opportunities available to you.

Even if you don’t win, then you’ll walk away from the experience knowing more about your own business, having enrolled your team in the excitement of potentially winning, met some wonderful people and heard some inspiring stories that will have you coming back next year for another crack.

Once again, congratulations to all the finalists just announced – I’m looking forward to meeting you all, hearing your stories and celebrating your successes! Well done!