The Benefits of using Sharepoint

Microsoft Sharepoint gives businesses a platform where true integration and collaboration are possible, and this article looks at the many benefits of Sharepoint and how you can use it to improve the way you do business.

What is Sharepoint?

Microsoft Sharepoint is a web application platform comprised of a set of tools that allow for intranet portal creation, document and file management, collaboration, enterprise search, business intelligence and more. Rather than relying on separate systems, Sharepoint supports all of a company’s intranet, extranet, and web applications within one integrated platform.

What are the benefits?

There are numerous benefits to using Microsoft Sharepoint:
  • Sharepoint facilitates team collaboration – Employees can collaborate in Sharepoint in a variety of ways, including building and editing documents together, creating wikis (knowledge sharing web applications), hosting discussion boards and creating meeting workspaces.
  • Sharepoint is easy to use – Because it works seamlessly with technologies employees are already familiar with, such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Exchange and Powerpoint, Microsoft Sharepoint is extremely user-friendly.
  • Sharepoint centralises business intelligence – The platform allows you to create live, interactive business intelligence portals that bring critical business information from various sources and locations together in a centralised report centre.
  • Sharepoint streamlines business procedures – A range of business procedures can be automated or streamlined in Sharepoint through shared access and self-reporting.
  • Sharepoint allows for seamless integration – External data programs and even non-Microsoft programs can be used in Sharepoint to create reports and documentation.
  • Sharepoint can be accessed from anywhere – With the use of apps, Sharepoint is accessible from all Internet-enabled devices, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

How can I get it?

For a Sharepoint solution that’s tailored to your particular business needs, Kiandra IT offers development and consulting services in all areas of Sharepoint.

Microsoft SharePoint delivers everything it promises, from document management and process automation to information sharing and collaboration, and it can truly transform the way your company does business. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, and a certified Office 365 specialist, Kiandra knows everything there is to know about Office 365 and Sharepoint. Talk to our team today to learn more about the platform.