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The Benefits of Using Google Apps in Your Business

There are now more than 5 million businesses using Google Apps and that number is growing all the time. So what’s the attraction? What are the benefits of this web-based solution over traditional business tools and applications?

The number one benefit Google Apps offer businesses are cost savings across the board. Because they are web-based and can be accessed from anywhere there is an Internet connection, businesses no longer have to buy expensive servers and install licensed software on every computer in their network. Instead, they pay just $50 a year per user for a whole suite of office tools that they would previously have needed to purchase and install individually.

Google Apps offers business all their traditional tools such as email, messaging, calendars and word processing, all integrated together in the one convenient place.

  • Gmail – provides 30 GB of storage per user, efficient spam filtering and Android, iPhone and BlackBerry compatibility.
  • Google Hangouts – converse at any time anywhere, with messaging, phone and video calls, support for up to 15 users at a time and the ability to sync across all devices.
  • Google Calendar – allows multiple employees to post events on one calendar that everyone can access and edit, and includes colour-coding to notify of changes to appointments.
  • Google Docs – lets multiple users create and edit documents, presentations and spreadsheets simultaneously, allowing for fast, easy online collaboration.
  • Google Sites – lets you create secure web pages for intranet, team projects or customer use, with no HTML or coding required.
  • Google Apps Marketplace – gives you access to a range of third-party business apps designed to integrate with the Google Apps suite.

Google Apps use synchronous replication, where data is replicated across many servers. As a result, they are able to guarantee 99.9% network uptime reliability.

Google Apps provide an exceptional level of security, with automatic backups, robust disaster recovery, two-factor authentication, strong automatic encryption and 24/7 data security monitoring, and they are industry-standard audited for security, privacy, and incident response capability. In short, Google Apps are far more secure than the average business server.

Google provides easy step-by-step instructions and videos to set up Google Apps, and technical help and support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you wish to deploy Google Apps across your business, there are also independent Google Apps experts, like Kiandra who can help you to identify the best mix for your business, procure Google Apps licenses for you, migrate information over from traditional services and train your staff to get the most out of Google Apps’ many features.