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Software Developers are Athletes – not Rock Stars

In 2011, it was executives in the resources industry that the Business Review Weekly likened to rock stars (pun-intended. I’m guessing). In 2012, it was economists. In relation to the 2013 BRW Best Places to Work List, it is now software dudes being considered the rock stars of the job market.

That articles states that “at least 20 of the top 50 employers on the (BRW) list could be described as IT companies”.

Rock stars? Really?

To me, good software engineers are much closer to elite athletes of our society than rock stars.

Sure, there may be parallels to be drawn over late nights, questionable choices of energy drinks and pizza, but being a solid developer is far more about the effort they put into training, their ability to contribute in a team environment and their commitment to a positive result.

Like the AFL stars of today, elite-level developers can be of enormous value to their team owners, and are deservedly amongst the best paid in their organisations. But like footballers it’s not just their raw ability that’s valuable – it’s their decision making, their efficiency and their desire to succeed that is so highly sought-after.

Today’s junior athletes are advised to really know their game, to get out there amongst it and practice hard, and possibly most importantly, to love what they do.

As a developer wishing to forge a path in what truly is an ever-evolving industry, my advice is no different: learn everything you can from whoever you can; get involved in community projects and user groups, it’s a great way to expand your skills; and find a company that loves developing software as much as you do.

Oh, and play hard – for the win!

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