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Smile Before You Dial

Written by Anthony Collins, Account Manager, Kiandra IT

In my role as an Account Manager at Kiandra IT, every day is filled with opportunities to connect with people. Everyone from key client contacts and end users, to vendors and partners and of course everyone in the office. These interactions with clients are why I love my role here, as my colleagues would attest I’m a bit of a talker and really enjoy the chance to meet with and talk to people.

When prepping for a client or partner meeting, I find it a lot easier to get ‘in the zone’. I can put on my suit and usually I have a monthly report, or a proposal or a slide deck to talk to. Then during the meeting, it’s a case of managing the conversation by way of the other person’s responsiveness, their tone, body language, facial expressions and the like.

While I try to get out in front of people as much as I can, a fair percentage of my talking throughout the day is done over the phone. This creates a whole new set of challenges to ensure that what ever message I’m trying to get across resonates with the listener, or in the case where I’m listening to feedback from a client or discussing new requirements for a project etc, that the person on the other end of the call comes away with a positive outcome and feeling from the call.

For me, it all starts with one simple rule—smile before you dial!

It’s something I’m sure most people have heard before and if you work in sales you’ve definitely heard it before, but it’s amazing how often people don’t do it.

That one simple action of changing your facial expression before you jump on that next sales call or answer that next incoming call (hopefully it’s a new lead!) has a massive subconscious impact on your tone of voice and your attitude towards the call. It’s almost impossible not to come across more engaged and energized with a smile on your face—it’s simple science!

It’s even more important when you’re making a call to defuse a sensitive situation to try and start on a positive note, and all it takes is a simple smile.

And yes, for all the naysayers that are probably thinking it takes 10 muscles to smile and only 6 to frown, just think, not only will you have happier clients, but with the extra calories you’ll be burning smiling all day on the phone, it’s probably enough for an extra beer on the weekend, or a cheeky Snickers in the afternoon.