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Six things to look for when choosing a converged infrastructure

Thanks to virtualisation, the configuration of vendors to servers, storage and networking equipment can be a difficult task, even when purchasing the best equipment you can afford. Virtual systems can be complicated and require certain skill to master. The answer might just be with converged infrastructure.

Converged infrastructure (CI) brings together the various components into a single, optimised technology framework in a bid to simplify infrastructure management and orchestration.

CIs rid the need for IT silos and hardware sprawl and not only improve the running of systems, but can reduce costs.

According to Talkin’ Cloud, there are multiple products that claim to be converged infrastructure solutions, so in order to pick from the best, here is what you need to look for:

1. Standardisation: Your infrastructure needs room to grow as you expand, so look for a repeatable framework for easier scaling.
2. Automation: The system should be able to work for you with just a few clicks of buttons.
3. Consolidated monitoring and administration: There should be one tool that allows you access to storage, networks and security.
4. High convergence: Your CI should integrate with the management tools from your hypervisor vendor. A bonus would be if the solution offered automated backup and disaster recovery.
5. Integration: Look for a CI that can work with your current equipment, rather than have to replace it.
6. Turnkey solution: Look for something that is easily and quickly deployed

Source: http://talkincloud.com/blog/6-features-great-converged-infrastructure