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Research Reveals iOS is the Fastest Growing Mobile Operating System

Apple iOS is the quickest growing mobile operating system in 2013, with iPhone users increasing by 5% over two quarters to reach 19% of the global market share.

Based on 89% of the world’s Internet population, the study by GlobalWebIndex revealed that iPhone users could grow to 233 million this year and iPad users could reach the 165.72 million mark.

While iOS is the fastest growing mobile system, Android still holds the largest percentage of the market share with 57%. It is believed that Android users will reach 708 million this year.

GlobalWebIndex also predicted that Windows Phone users will go beyond BlackBerry’s 62.56 million users, reaching upwards of 68.26 million.

As for PCs, the market research firm revealed that Windows 7 takes the title for the most used operating system, with 734.12 million users in 2013. The number of those who have embraced Windows 8 is sitting at around 168 million.

Another win for Apple is that Mac users are estimated to total 47.78 million users this year.