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Report Reveals IaaS Impact on Data Centre Design and Staffing

Businesses are beginning to learn the importance of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), with evidence pointing to a large number of companies either already implementing or intending to do so, reported ZDNet.

In July, Tech Pro Research conducted a survey of 124 business from around the globe questioning their expected and actual IaaS benefits. 29% of respondents revealed they had already implemented IaaS in one or more of their systems. 31% said that they planned to do so within 12 months.

This result confirms Gartner’s 2013 prediction that IaaS will continue as the fastest growing market segment in the IT industry in the coming years.

What was surprising, was that fewer than half of the respondents already implementing expressed positive results since handing their hardware to an offsite contracted company.

Another area looked at during the survey was IT staffing, which was expected to decrease as companies turned their attention to IaaS. The survey showed that staffing has not changed significantly, with many companies reassigning IT staff to other areas within the business. Just 16% of respondents predicted a reduction in staff numbers.