Reduce tech stress and business risk with managed services

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of nailing it at work only for your computer to shut down or some unknown error message to flash repeatedly across the screen. It’s stressful, and in our ‘always on’ corporate state of play, tech issues can be risky.

A 2016 study found office workers waste two weeks per annum, or 22 minutes a day, on IT-related issues. It may not sound like a lot, but times that by a company’s headcount and all the stress associated and you get a negative impact.

It’s a big reason why many businesses turn to managed service providers. It enables access to a multi-disciplinary team of professional who are skilled in a wide range of technologies and empowers staff to focus on innovating and driving business forward rather than Googling how to tackle 0x80070057.
It also saves money. A recent survey of over 400 businesses who utilise some sort of managed service reported that nearly half have reduced their budget by 25 per cent or more. This even saved money for businesses that had in-house IT. Even if you have an IT department, a managed service provider becomes an extension of that team, which is helpful in times of growth, moving offices or when you need to roll out new technology.

While we have all become increasingly more tech savvy with our wide adoption of technology, not everyone is an expert at how to fix a multitude of IT issues and the vast majority of us end up feeling like Derek and Hansel from Zoolander (re-watch the clip, it’s gold).

For small businesses especially, every minute matters and when you take time away from your customers to focus on unrelated tasks, you risk business, which is even more stressful. And work is stressful enough.

Instead of trying to become an overnight tech whiz or tackle an error message solo using your powers of search engine word combinations – think about working with experts to help keep you mind where it matters, on your business. Wouldn’t that 22 minutes be better spent elsewhere?

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